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About Us


Hi There! We are Projectmaterials!

Projectmaterials is run by Tecnos SA, a company of the Envestis Holding SA Group based in Lugano, Switzerland.

Our trading division is active in the distribution of piping and metal products (pipes, valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, stud bolts, instrumentation, structural steel) since 2010. We serve major oil & gas, power generation, construction end users and EPC contractors around the world.

To date, we have shipped thousands of tons of metal products. We strive to deliver on time, keeping the tight project schedules of our clients, and maintain high quality in everything we do, from processes to products.

We are extremely competitive when our clients need:

  • complex piping packages, involving the coordination of multiple sources and delivery points
  • short time deliveries
  • exotic products and/or materials
  • qualified origins (West Europe, US, Japan) are mandatory according to project specification
  • financing is required

Our Experience

Our customer base include major EPC contractors and End-Users around the world.

EPC Contractors

Technip, Astaldi, Bechtel, Vinci, and many others

End Users

Q8, QatarGas, Pirelli, Schlumberger, Kuwait Oil Company, Ministry of Oil Iraq, ABB, and others

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