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S420 Plates

I’m looking for… ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY S420 TO S420, 80MM, 4000MM L,X 1000MM W (2000MM L X 500MM W) 4 PCS S420 TO S355, 40MM,

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Chevron Dibi South 18″ Buck Line Project

Flanges and Fittings  RFQ files: FD0001-185.PPL.DS.55.000-00003 Rev B-c5338786 FD0001-185.PPL.DS.55.000-00004 Rev B-c50a42f7 FD0001-185.PPL.DS.55.000-00005 Rev B-c2b05527 Material Spreadsheet for Dibi South 18in Buck Line project-RWE -Valves-508ce50c Valve

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20-50 ft Water Pipes

I’m looking to sell a bunddle of 20ft-50ft 100% steele water pipes in San Diego or obtain a Mill certificate to export them to Mexico.

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