Globe control valve in Stock

Pneumatic Cage Guided Single Seated Globe Control Valve

Cage-guided single seated control valve is used to control fluid flow, pressure, and high load conditions. The valve body of this single-seated globe control valve is compact in structure, and the fluid passage is S streamlined, allowing for large circulation capacity, wide adjustable range, and high flow characteristic accuracy. The guide portion of the plug has a large guiding area and is characterized by strong anti-vibration performance. The seat sealing performance is in accordance with IEC or GB standards. This pneumatic single seated control valve is equipped with a multi-spring type diaphragm actuator. The structure is compact and the output force is large. The single-seated control valve is widely used in pipeline occasions requiring high shut-off performance, low temperature, and high pressure. Due to the wide range of materials and the variety of design firms, these valves can be used in different industrial fields (such as chemical, electric power, paper, food, metallurgy, mining, etc).


Body/Bonnet :


Plug Material:


Seat Material:


Resurfacing Welding:

tungsten carbide,soft seal

Stem Material:

17-4PH ASTM A276 F304

Upper Bonnet Type

1.Standard Type:-17~+230℃
2.Extended ⅠType:-45~+17℃ or more than 230℃(heat dissipation type)
3.Extended ⅡType:-45~-100℃
4.Extended Ⅲ Type:-196~-100℃
5.Bellows sealing type(forming type/welding type)
6.Steam Jacket Type


Body Type

staight-way/angle/jacket insulation





Leakage Class:

1.Metal seal:ANSI B16.104 Ⅳclass
(ANSI B16.104 Ⅴ class is available)
2.Soft seal:ANSI B16.104 Ⅵ class

Flow Characteristic:

HG20592-2009,ANSI B16.5

Connection Type:

flange(RF/FM),butt welding

Flange Connection 

Type Standard:

HG20592-2009,ANSI B16.5


50:1 (100:1 can be customized)


pneumatic diaphragm/pneumatic piston/electric/

electric hydraulic actuator



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