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Coming from OilPeople or Taskengo? and are now part of Projectmaterials.
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1. Set a new Password

As a security measure, we invite you to set a brand new password on in a few easy steps: click on the reset password link, enter the email you had on Taskengo or Oilpeople, get our reset email, set your new password. Done! It takes less than 30 seconds😁

2. Review and Complete your Profile

We have transferred your data from Taskengo (or Oilpeople) into Take a look, and update any detail as necessary. A complete personal profile will help you create more contacts and enhance your trustworthiness on the platform!

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3. Become an Active Member! aim at becoming the reference community for people, like you, active in the plant/project business (oil & gas, power generation, construction, ship building, nuclear, renewables and alike). We offer great services to connect with buyers, suppliers, freelancers in the industry. Check them out!