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General Terms for Quotes

Any technical and commercial offer you receive from Projectmaterials is subject to the following terms:

Accordance with Specs

Unless specifically stated, we offer goods that are in general accordance with the incoming RFQs, as received, and the applicable international specs (ASTM, API, etc) only; the offered goods may not meet detailed project specifications, piping classes, legal requirements and/or practices in the country of installation.


  • The offered price is valid for undivided orders only; prices are revised for partial orders when accepted;
  • All prices are Ex Works Chiasso Switzerland bonded warehouse (Incoterms 2010) unless differently stated;
  • The minimum deliverable quantity, in the case of pipes, is one full-length pipe (6 or 12 meters), despite the quantity indicated in the quotation;
  • Special testing is not included in quotations unless otherwise stated (manufacturer’s routine tests apply only);
  • PMI (positive material identification) is not included in quotations unless otherwise stated;
  • EN 10204 3.1 certificates, attested invoices, certificate of origin, quality plans, etc. are not included in quotations unless otherwise stated;
  • Special packaging is not included in quotations unless otherwise stated;
  • Third-party inspection is not included in quotations unless otherwise stated;
  • Import duties, taxes, VAT and local import requirements are never included in quotations;
  • Anything else not mentioned in the quotation shall be considered as not offered and not included in the price;


  • Stock products are offered subject unsold at the time of the order;
  • Delivery time in the quotation is just tentative and shall be reconfirmed in case of order;
  • Delivery time starts when a firm purchase order has been fully clarified by the Seller, both technically and commercially;
  • Delivery time shall exclude national holidays and the months of August and December;
  • The importer is responsible to clarify any local requirement in terms of licenses and tariffs.


Quotations for carbon steel materials are valid for 7 days; for all other materials are valid for 3 days.

Terms for Orders

In case of an order, our general terms of sale apply.