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End Users, EPC Contractors, Trading Companies

1. Post RFQs or MTOs

Post your RFQs in seconds, providing the available information

2. Get Offers

Get offers from sellers and short-list the most interesting technical & commercial proposals

3. Close Deals!

Close the deal with the best supplier directly, receive the goods and pay

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Mills, Stockists, Trading Companies, Freelancers

1. Search RFQs

Search RFQs and find opportunities matching your portfolio/skills

2. Chat with Buyers

Contact the buyer and negotiate the technical and commercial terms of the deal

3. Close Deals!

Close the deal with the buyer directly, deliver and get paid

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Get in touch with new buyers and enter new markets

FAQs is a B2B marketplace that helps buyers find the best supplier for their business needs (products, equipment, and services purchases). On the other hand, helps sellers capture business opportunities they may not be aware of. We focus on products, equipment, and services for plant projects.’s Blog is the world’s most visited website for piping products, with over 3 Million page views per year. People working for major EPCs, End-Users, trading companies, as well as for mills and stockists, visit the site daily to get technical and commercial information about products and equipment for plant projects.

We decided to add a marketplace to the blog to help buyers, sellers, and freelancers meet and finalize business transactions directly.

We welcome registrations from buyers, sellers, and freelancers.

By “Buyers” we mean people working for EPC Contractors, End-Users (for example refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and alike), trading and service companies.

By “Sellers” we refer to people working at factories, mills, stockists, and trading companies.

By “Freelancers” we mean professionals interested in earning additional income by providing technical expertise, consulting and services. focuses on engineered products, equipment, and services for plant projects. Registration is free.

We help buyers of products, equipment, and services get offers from trustable suppliers. All you have to do as a buyer is post your RFQ (Request for Quote) or MTO (Material Take Off) on the platform in a few seconds and wait for supplier’s offers.

You deal with the interested suppliers directly (online or offline). There are no commissions, membership fees or any strings attached.

We help you save time and money when dealing with RFQs for products, equipment, and technical services.

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In a nutshell, we help suppliers (mills, stockists, trading companies) access business opportunities they may not be aware of. All suppliers have to do is search the RFQs or MTOs matching their scope, and contact the buyer. 

Suppliers deal with the buyer directly on projectmaterials, either online or offline (we provide an online chat functionality).

The service is currently totally free.

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Freelancers can bid on RFQs for technical services posted by our Buyers (for example: the execution of a CAD drawing). 

Projectmaterials overcomes the frictions existing in the market for remote engineering services:

  • Clients struggle to find talent with the right skills, cost, and availability to get jobs done
  • Engineers with idle skills struggle to find new clients and tasks to round up their income

Our goal is to help both parties come together, and achieve their respective goals.

We do not charge memberships, sale fees, or any other type of cost. The service is currently totally free.

Target Industries

We help build and maintain plants and infrastructures

B2B Marketplace for piping, mechanical products and engineering services

Oil & Gas

Upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas plants (onshore/offshore rigs, pipelines, chemical and petrochemical)

Power Generation

Conventional and renewable energies (hydroelectric, wind, solar, bio-energies, geothermal) power plants​

General Industry

Manufacturing plants producing consumer and industrial goods with automated or semiautomated processes

Ship Building

Commercial boats and vessels to transport commodities, goods, containers, and people by sea


Extraction and processing of mineral raw materials from rocks and other natural reserves