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We ship pipes, valves, and fittings from stock



Pipe Fittings



Stud Bolts



Structural Steel


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We leverage a global network of 120+ piping stockists


Save money, time, and get piping at site effortlessly


EPC Contractors · End Users

The prompt availability of stock materials may be critical during shut downs, maintenance operations or when the plant experiences technical faults. We aim at helping Clients source business critical materials at speed and reduce the impact generated by such, always likely, circumnstances

When packages of different products are needed urgently, procurement officers have to invest lot of time in finding the right suppliers, sending RFQs around, negotiating with suppliers, coordinating multiple sources of supply and the related logistics operations. By turning to Projectmaterials, buyers can save time and attain a better result for their operations.

Thanks to our remarkable purchasing volumes, and long-lasting partnerships with key stockists around the world, we are in a position to source materials at the best possible prices and pass such savings to our direct Clients

We focus on high quality materials manufactured in the EU, USA, Japan or South Korea and deal with ISO 9001 certified stock holders only. We never compromise on the quality of the materials we deliver to our Clients, recognizing they are business critical despite their modest individual value


Stockists · Distributors · Mills

Projectmaterials is the world’s most visited website in the piping industry: 3 million people, working for leading EPC Contractors and End Users, visit our site every year since 2014. By joining the Projectmaterials network, vendors get immediate exposure to global business opportunities and can increase their sales and stock rotation

Projectmaterials screens all incoming RFQs and MTOs. As we focus on short-term, concrete, business opportunities that lead to sales orders, we help our vendors save time with low-probability inquiries

We do not charge our vendors a dime to join our network. Through our platform, stockists reach a much wider audience at no cost and can save marketing expenses

Projectmaterials is a Swiss company with a solid financial background. We pay our suppliers at delivery, minimize their financial risks when dealing with overseas customers, and help them reduce their working capital

We deliver piping from stock

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Projectmaterials is the world's most visited piping website

Need Piping from Stock?

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